Monday, December 7, 2009


Are Finally Over!!
=] This weekend was eternal! Like no joke! I said I was going to dedicate the whole (i mean WHOLE) weekend to studying. And doing homework...which I didnt. I actually got up super early Sunday instead. Which I guess wasnt very effective, because well at some point before noon I had to start getting ready for Mass. =] I had the choice to stay home, but right now I'm at a point in my life that I really do need Gods help. Anyway, after mass, we (my boyfriend, parents, brothers, aunt&uncle and their 3 kids, & moms sister) went out to eat. We went to Sharis. We go there so much, like seriously every Sunday after mass. Like who wants to go home anyway? So after that, I should have so totally gone home and study, but guess what?? I really wanted to go to the mall. My friend Teresa gave me a $20 gift certificate to JCP and well, the shopping bug was biting. It wasnt my money I had to spend after all. =] I got some very cute purple skinny jeans. Its my first skinny jeans since High school. I actually stopped liking them some time 2 years ago. But well, eh.. they were ok. =] and only $12.oo which means i still have $8.00 left. =] Then we went to ROMY. Its this new store in the mall. Which I totally fell in love with!! Everything was 50% off. I got 2 really great scarves. A Burgandy one and a White one. Both really great knits. My mom loved the WHite one, so yeah byy =] lol. I ended up only spending like $13.00 there. Which was not bad. Then my boyfriend bought me a new straightener, its great, I love it! Its By HerStyler. I got Forever. Which is amazing!! 
Anyway, thats all I got! We walked around the Mall once more, and he brought me home. 
I did homework the rest of the night! Till around midnight! I was about to go to bed, when I decided to organize my Jewlery. After that came my makeup, then my clothes. I Didnt get to bed till around 4 am. =] Oh well. Anyway.
Thats All For Now!

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