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Monday, March 1, 2010


First of all, I finally got my shipment from AMI Club Wear I was so super excited when i saw the UPS Guy pull into my driveway! I was standing out there like a little creep waiting for him to get off the UPS van! My digital Camera is battery less right now! But as soon as i get myself some batteries I will post pictures. But I got 2 pairs of boots, 2 NYX Jumbo Penicl Liners- Yellow and French Fries , 2 NYX Lipsticks- Vitamin and Christie and 2 Hair accessories, 1 Necklace.
I'm so super excited about the boots mostly though. I'll be wearing some tomorrow! I first heard of AMI Club Wear a few months ago from MakeupByLeinaBaaaby on youtube and i looked around and totally fell in love with how inexpensive the boots are!

Moving on, I purchased a hair product last week from Sally's Beauty Supply last week. Its called Hair One, and I got the Olive Oil one. I totally love this product! It leaves my hair beautiful! It looks a little darker, and very healthy! I totally reccomend this product! There is different kinds, Olive Oil is for dry hair, which I kind of have, it was what was closest to my hair type. But try it out! You'll love it!

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