Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fight For What You Believe In

I guess sometimes you just have to fight for what you believe in. There is no other way to get what you want..or what you need. I had a few fights with my boyfriend this week. Unfortunately but well thats how life is right. You never really know whats coming to you till it comes. I was really mad and said all I had to say and got it all out, then I realized I went a little far. And well idk. It really sucks.. were ok now but like sometimes it hurts sooo bad. :( I hate fighting with him, but what doesnt break us will make us stronger. I know he is a firm believer in that. But well some times the pressure is to much. No one wants to see us together and who cares what everyone thinks right? Its what we think thats important. And how we feel. I've seen him sad, I've seen him mad, happy, everything. I know he loves me.. just that sometimes my head plays games with me. I know its all me.. and i have this huge temper problem. But anyway thats it for today. Im writing a story which i will be posting up here. So yeah..thats about it for today. :)

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