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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Days off :)

So today was my day off ahh great. Started my day with an early morning work out with my best friend, headed home for a quick shower and hung out with my hubby, paid some bills changed some coins into cash and went to big lots there I picked up some bobby pins because idk how they always dissappear. Then we came home I cooked some pasta with homemade spicy alfredo sauce and garlic bread ohh yunmmn. I love that for less than $10 I can make a meal at home that tastes great and looks restaurant quality. But if we went to olive garden we would pay $10 per bowl for less food..osea no seconds honey and still have to pay for drinks, and tip the waiter,doorman,cook,manager,dishwasher,floor cleaner,corner duster,bathroom cleaner in the restaurant and then get gas on the way home.

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